Biang Bisztró Review

The good stuff. Photo: Biang Bisztró Facebook.

If you happened to pass the Oktogon area in recent weeks you would be hard pressed not to spy Biang Bisztró . 

More to the point you would’ve noticed a stream of people waiting to get inside this small Chinese hole in the wall restaurant. 

Many an afternoon, evening & night I’d given up being served as the crowd swelled out onto the pavement. 

It took me four or five visits before I managed to get myself through Biang’s seemingly impregnable doors. 

Was the wait worth it?

Yes. Absolutely. 

With the likes of Pad Thai long since losing it’s swagger (& flavour), Biang Bisztró has wandered into all our lives at just the right time.

Despite the explosion of Asian joints in the last year or so, this place really stands out.

What makes it so special is this – they prepare their noodles right here on the premises. 

No packaged goods here. Just the freshest noodles you’ll ever taste this side of Shanghai. 

Now their vegetarian & vegan options are somewhat limited but what Biang lacks in choice they more & make up for with an incredible taste.

Add in the optional Lucifer hot spicy sauce & the best Asian dish in the city will be sitting in front of you – ready to be demolished. 

As for fluids – look no further than some Chinese tea.

So what are you waiting for? 

Grab some friends & take yourself along to Budapest’s home of noodles.