Tipple of the week: Oops, I’m pregnant again

Oops I'm pregnant again

Words I thought I’d never type.

For the most part, because I’m a man. And it takes two to tango.

Anyway, moving, swiftly on. 

“Oops, I’m pregnant again” is the welcomed collaboration between Monyo and Gizella Winery. There is a saying, “Beer was my first love. Wine was my true love.” This heavy 7.1 ABV bottle puts this saying very much in doubt.

Moving on to the bottle, a minimalistic purple label which happens to be in English. The near blank label is the fore picture to a backdrop of golden brown clouds.

It pours a yellow honey haze and settles cloudy and heavy, with a minimal froth.

It is at first, odd and then intriguing. A strong American Dry Hopped Sour ale with the twist of Szamorodni white wine. The fine balance is achieved. Flavours, from the ale and wine contribute to a multitude of sensations.

The mystery though, lies in tasting.

A fantastic balance is at play here. It is a blend of sour and sweet with a smooth bitterness which comes to a soft sourness. What’s best is the hints of wine, which leave your mouth last. It has the best of both worlds. The intricate flavours of a hoppy sour beer complimented with the hints of fresh sweet crispy white wine.

It is a very rich glass and at 1300 HUF one is sufficient but two could be had before the richness becomes overwhelming.

A considerable complicated ale which sees you well. It is most definitely worth a go.