Vegán Burger Party Oct 6th & 7th

Nothing but a vegan party. Photo: Facebook.

This coming weekend, Vegan Garden will host Budapest’s first ever Vegan Burger party event. All of you will remember our cracking review of Vegan Garden back in June  (check that out here). These guys are a great addition to the burgeoning Vegan culinary explosion that has hit our fair city. Celebrity Hungarian chef, Kristóf Steiner is the guest of honour & you can have a quick chat as you tuck into your burger.

The 200 HUF entry fee will go towards the Hungarian Vegan Association (MAVEG). Their aim is to introduce vegan meals in Hungarian schools (good luck with that ). Seriously we may be a long way off that but it’s for a good cause.

Vegan Box are also putting together a Vegan Market for you good people.

Come out tomorrow & try these delicious burgers.

The Vegan burger party will be held tomorrow & Sunday. Doors open at 10 am. 

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