Tipple of the week: ToØl Triple Hazy Citra IPA

Citra. Photo: By the author.

Hale Citra lover’s! As summer seems now long gone allow me to try extending it with a hopped up brew. When it comes to hops, double is always better than, single! How about triple hopped?

Good things always seems to come in pairs. Friends and beers, Co-workers and beers, astrophysics and well… beers. While biking around the Danube river, a liquid refreshment was needed. While passing by several pubs that I would have been happy to partake in their offerings, it was not long till I found a well stocked beverage distributor. BEER TO GO is just that, on Ráday u. near Kálvin tér where I found numerous flavours to choose from though the several cans of ToØl, no, not a bike tool, cue eye roll… but ToØl from Denmark caught my eye.

ToØl or Tool are gipsy brewers from Copenhagen. This means the heads behind ToØl brew at someone else’s brewery which allows them brew anywhere who will let them. ToØl seems to be following breweries like Mikkeller, Evil Twin, and Stillwater to name just a few. They are constantly experimenting new ways to represent a style and likes brewing with unlikely ingredients, so of course I had to try one. While I had several options to choose from, their hazy IPA seemed to be calling my name as it reminded me of home, hiking in the woods of New England.  

ToØl’s Hazy Triple Citra IPA is like drinking hopped-tropical juice straight from the can! ToØl, dry hopped this New England Style India Pale Ale 3 times with Cirta, and weighting in at a heavy 7,5% ABV is still very approachable. This easy drinking hop-smoothie is giving sweetness and just enough warmth from the alcohol to make it unbelievably well-balanced.

If you are planning to ride the hop trail to New England you can be happy grabbing this nicely designed, balanced and juicy brew.