Telep Review

Black & white town. Photo: Telep Facebook.

If you own a road bike, sport an outrageous beard or use the word ‘’woke’’ then chances are you’ve been to Telep. The chances are also good that you are a hipster but that is ok as Telep will welcome you with open arms. 

For those of you with bright disease, this article might not be of much use. You’ll know Telep inside out. For the rest of us, then I am glad I have your attention. 

Telep can be found just a thirty second quick hop from Goszdu Udvar. Enter this spot & you will find trendy locals & hip as hell out of towners. 

As with most hipster places the service will be curt & sultry but that just adds to the magic. I like to hit up Telep when Autumn & winter closes in. It’s a cozy little bar. 

Although the clientele can sometimes be a little too meretricious for my liking – I adore Telep. I can check out some thought provoking artwork upstairs or chill with a cold drink on the ground floor. 

Right now, they have a cracking little art exhibition going by the name of Ukrainian Garden. Don’t worry if you miss this one as there will always be something to see here. 

With live music every weekend, cheapish drinks & awe-inspiring food (the sweet potato puree is my favourite), Telep is something special. Go see for yourself.

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