Mark Kozelek Live @ Mupa 22nd October Preview

"Are you like the real, like the actual, Mark Kozelek?"' Photo: Facebook.

We are all pretty stoked that Mark Kozelek will be rolling into town next week. Playing at Mupa, the Ohio lad will perform in Hungary for the first time.

You may know Mark as Larry Fellows from the film Almost Famous.

Me? I’ve been bumping Kozelek & his crew since the turn of the century.

I first got my hands-on Rollercoaster. The sophomore album from Kozelek’s, San Francisco based Red House Painters. Rollercoaster had dropped seven years earlier but damn. What an album. It still enjoys heavy rotation at my home & on my Spotify.

The Painters ain’t dropped anything since 2001 but Kozelek has been pretty fucking busy. Most of the band joined him on his new project Sun Kil Moon. Sun’s debut Ghosts of the Highway what with its tales of dead boxers & doomed revolutionaries’ is a forgotten masterpiece. Ghosts came out in 2003.

Kozelek was slowly plodding along, churning out excellent solo LPS & Sun records when something odd happened. Four years ago, the Sun album Benji was released & brought Kozelek relative mainstream success. Every reputable music mag had the album on their end of the year best of list. Melancholy & despair lined all eleven of Benji’s tracks but unlike previous efforts that were only picked up by bedroom kids this one really resonated.

Since then we’ve got to hear one (or sometimes even two) Kozelek releases per year. I love his solo work, but my heart belongs to The Painters. I’ll be listening to Katy Song, Medicine Bottle, Grace Cathedral Park, San Geronimo, Mistress, Uncle Joe & Strawberry Hill for as long as I can. Although few of these (if any) will make it into Kozelek’s set, next Monday will be banging. Not many singer/songwriters of his class play Budapest. It’s going to be a big moment.

This here writer got to see him once. That was at Union Chapel in London. Over a decade ago. You can read more about that hilarious encounter here. Ten years on you can count me in for Mupa. Although prone to nostalgia, I won’t be screaming ‘’Sing to me once more my love, words from your younger years’’ (that would just be too weird) the same way Kozelek does on Duk Koo Kim. Well for now, that’s the plan. I guess everything depends on how much free booze comes with the press pass.

” To the Mark Kozelek Musuem. It’s to the Mark Kozelek Museum.”

Mark Kozelek will play @ Mupa on October 22nd. Click on this link for all the details.

This will get you in the mood. I hope.