The Charming Kakaós Csiga

The hidden gem of Hungarian cuisine. Photo: The Culture Trip.

 We aren’t talking diets or superfoods.

What we are discussing is the lesser known Hungarian delicacy. When you think of Hungarian cuisine, the world renowned paprika infused Goulash comes to mind – and rightly so it’s the most flavoursome comforting food out there. Sitting in the long shadow of the world renowned Goulash, and even behind the deep-fried sour-creamed Lángos, lies the hidden gem of Hungarian cuisine.

The ubiquitous Csiga. It’s like the croissant to the French or the sausage roll to the English.

It’s one of Hungary’s well kept secrets. It’s everywhere and yet it can go unnoticed in the many pastry shops. I keep being told that it is a favourite with the children. If so, I am a child.

The chocolate csiga (pronounced “cheeegaw”, translates from Hungarian as snail).

A medium sized pastry, stuffed full of partially melted chocolate.

First the enticing smell hits you. Next you bite into the crispy flaky pastry. Then, if you are lucky, you taste the still warm chocolate which melts in your mouth. As you move into the middle, the pastry becomes softer as well as warmer which melts the ever increasing concentration of chocolate wrapped around its rolls.

It’s literally everything to everyone. It’s great on its own, better with a black coffee and the best when had unapologetically at breakfast. Or had twice in a day.

This aptly named pastry is truly melt in your mouth stuff. It is near impossible for the writer to go a day without enjoying one of them.

Whether you are a resident or a visitor. Go, find yourself a Csiga. Grab a hosszu kave. Get a seat by the passing Danube & thank me later.

This has been hungry writing. You can guess where I’m off too.