Top Five: Takeaway Beer Bottle Shops in Budapest

Brews by the crateful. Photo: Beer Selection Facebook.

Winter is finally here.

Days are dark & gloomy.

Leaving the house gets harder & harder.

Trouncing around the foggy streets of Budapest in search of some great night life isn’t that appealing.

It’s too cold, windy, wet & (soon to be) snowy.

Don’t despair as Pulse will give you the rundown of the best craft beer bottle shops to beat the winter blues.

Grab some beers. Grab some friends. Head on home – sit by the fake fire & hide away from the unforgiving piercing cold.

Hudi Hudi

Up in the Hudi. Photo: Hudi Hudi Facebook. 

I don’t have to go far to reach this place – the little cracking spot is about 30 seconds walk from my flat. For those of you who don’t live in the eighth, then Hudi Hudi is very close to Corvin tram/metro stop. Ran by Daniel Bart of Eleszto fame, you can be sure that this bottle shop will offer a top quality range of brews. Not only do they have exceptional beers from the likes of Brewdog, Yeast Side, Mad Scientist & Hara Punk – the Hudi boys recently introduced a great spirit range. Check them out.

Pulse Recommends: Mad Scientist/Yeast Works The Duke of Budapest 5.6%

The deets: Budapest, Nap u. 19, 1082 Hungary

Neked Csak Dezső

A full army of beers. Photo: Facebook. 

We are long overdue a full report on this joint. We promise to get on that straight away. In the meantime you will have to make do with our take on their bottle shop. Although this place has become a real staple of Budapest night life, many of you may not know that at the back of the bar there is a huge selection of bottled beers to be snapped up & taken home. I had my birthday party here recently. As I was seated up top (I didn’t even know they had a gallery) – I spotted the gleaming bottles of hops. There is a wall full of the good stuff. The focus here is certainly on Hungarian craft beer. Roll up with a empty rucksack & fill it to the brim.

Pulse Recommends: Hello, my name is Sudan 8.2%

The deets: Budapest, 29, Rákóczi út, 1088 Hungary

Csak a Jó Sör

The beer cave. Photo: Facebook. 

The grandfather of all Hungarian bottle shops. Csak was the original and it can be argued it is still the best. Kővári Gergely who owns my favourite bar Hopaholic is also in charge here and it ain’t hard to tell. He really knows his stuff & the name ‘’only good beer’’ means one thing – we are all in for an unforgettable craft beer experience. Over the years I have spent vast fortunes in this shop. Csak is one hell of a unique bar and that is reflected in their beers. Where else am I going to find such a wonderful choice of barely pop in the city? Bottles by Rogue Ales, Stu Mostow, Tiny Rebel, Stone & Omnipollo are all on offer. What’s more they have a small tap room, so you can grab a pint before heading out into the frozen Budapest night with your box of goodies.

Pulse Recommends: Rogue 10 HOP

The deets: Kertész u. 42, 1073 Hungary

Beer to Go

Out front. Photo: Beer to Go. 

On the Kalvin side of Raday Utca, sits a relative newcomer to the bottle shop scene. Beer to Go is a tiny little space. It is barely even a room but they are crammed full of scene stealing brews. Everything from Poppels, Tempest, Legenda (Hungary’s most underrated brewery) & Brewdog is for sale. I don’t get down here enough. They will see more of my face in the New Year.

Pulse Recommends: Põhjala Must Kold 7.8%

The deets: Ráday u. 7, 1092 Hungary

Beer Selection

Get them in! Photo: Beer Selection Facebook. 

My friends & I have a tradition. We try to do it once or twice a year. The lads gather at a bottle shop – buy a crate full of brews & enjoy a craft beer night at one of our flats. The tradition fell away as more and more of our gang moved out of Budapest. When my pal, Mark returned to the Hungarian capital from New Zealand we felt it was time to fire up our tasting sessions again. Only good beer had always been our go to bottle shop but this time out we decided to try Beer Selection. And Jesus –it didn’t let us down. Luckily for me Beer Selection is not too far from my place. Mark & I went inside & grabbed 24 bottles. The owner looked at us in horror & then asked “These aren’t just for you right?’’. True story.  Getting back to it. What you will find here is an array of beer from all over the planet. We got ourselves some bottles from Matuska, Yeast Side, Imperial Brewery, Hopfanatic & many more. The beers are organized into their own little spaces. So, you’ll find a stout corner, a IPA corner & so on & so on. It’s fair to say that the next time my pals & I have our wee craft beer night, we will return to Beer Selection. The best part is this – the owner thinks we are some kind of hardcore drinking legends (or raging alkies). We are not – but it’s great to have that reputation.  Anyway don’t miss out. Whatever you like, Beer Selection will have it. 

Pulse Recommends: Hopfanatic Angry Beast 12%

The deets: József krt. 22-24, 1085 Hungary

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