Tipple of the week: Černá Hora Forman Světlý

A near beer & friends. Photo by Virag Eszter Toth.

A quick tipple for you lovely people.

This time we give you a near beer.

For the uninitiated – a near beer is simply a non-alcoholic brew.

We have championed a few of these before.

It seems like everyone seems to be into these things nowadays & the market is growing steadily.

This writer would badly love to open a non-alcoholic taproom but lack of funds, know how & friends (delete as appropriate) put paid to that idea.

Anyway back to it.

For this week the tipple of choice is Forman Světlý by Černá Hora.

With the Czech republic being so close – we are never too far away from some of their top brews.

Matuska, Bernand, Pilsner & many more are readily available.

But. We are hear to talk about Forman.

I enjoyed a couple of bottles of this beaut down at Hops – a jumping little spot. I found myself here on a Tuesday night. Not wanting to go full alkie, I opted for this.

The beer poured darker than most non-alcoholic efforts. That was already a good start.

If you pour it quickly enough into a glass & dispose of the bottle – the dark colour will convince your pals have in front of you is indeed a beer of the real variety & not a sissy near brew.

Forman is malty, hoppy & as Simon Sick Boy Williamson would say ’’It has great fucking personality’’.

It’s easily one of the best non-alcoholic brews I have tasted & it’s your tipple of the weekend.