Á La Maison Grand

Chairs and tables lined up in front of the main breakfast bar at Á La Maison Grand
Á La Maison Grand

Á La Maison Grand has the dubious accolade of being the only place I know in Budapest that makes me want to write (sic) in the name of the location twice. I can’t work out what frustrates me more, the accent going the wrong way above the ‘A’, or the missing ‘e’ at the end of ‘Grand’.

Or it could be the fact that Á (sic) La Maison Grand (sic) is a pretentiously self-described ‘breakfast and brunch restaurant’ with 2 000 HUF cheese toastie on the menu.

Everything about this place screams ‘trying too hard’, from the vast variety of options on the menu to the ham-fisted shabby chic decor. The waiters and waitresses float around dressed as though they’re the morning shift at the Ritz, and wafts of the clientele’s conversations highlight that this is not really a regular haunt for locals.

Once you get your head around the menu, you’ll find that not every item requires you to take out a second mortgage. For example, there’s a very reasonably priced 2- or 3-egg breakfast (1 040 HUF and 1 140 HUF respectively), which you can then add confusingly priced extras to. For example, the three egg breakfast with a bagel is cheaper than a two egg breakfast with a bagel by 100 HUF (in fact, if you’re adding extras, it’s almost always either cheaper or the same cost to have a three egg breakfast). You can also choose to add an extra egg to your two egg breakfast for only an additional 400 HUF for some reason, despite the fact that there’s only 100 HUF between the two and three egg breakfasts in the first place.

So confusing mathematics and annoying orthography aside, what do Á (sic) La Maison Grand (sic) do right? The answer to that is easy: the food. The food is delicious. From their excellent eggy breakfasts to their American style pancakes, ALMG absolutely nail the taste and presentation of everything on their menu. They also cater well to restrictive diets, with many vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options.

If you’re bored on a Sunday morning, and want to go and laugh at a bunch of millennials Instagramming their avocado toast, pop along. Just be careful you don’t end up becoming one of them.