Netflix Most: Bird Box (2018)

Row your boat, gently down the stream. Photo: Netflix.

Everybody knows. Everybody is talking about it. From colleagues at the office cooler to random strangers on the tram.

Bird box is bloody everywhere.

This writer watched it over Christmas & had a piece all ready to go. Said writer also has an annoying habit of writing any stories or articles by pen & then typing them up – hence doubling his work. The review I wrote was lost. I’ve learned my lesson. I am writing this on my trusted laptop. That’s for another day.

Bird Box is something of a sensation.

Released on December 21st – in the movies first week alone, Netflix claim that 45 million users sat through the film.

That is some going.

So, what’s it about & is it any good?

We will get to that later.

Post-apocalyptic films & shows are all the rage back home these days. In truth we’ve always been fascinated by this genre.

From HG Wells, The War of The Worlds to nine mind numbing seasons of The Walking Dead (is Rick Grimes dead? Who cares?) a dystopian vision of the future or in this case the present puts bums on seats.

I remember as a kid watching a film about the end of the World. A lone man shopped for new clothes in an empty store. I never did quite figure out the name of the film, but the movie has stayed with me since.

If anyone has any idea what I watched please let me know. It’s been driving me crazy for the last twenty-five years. Anyway, enough of that.

Netflix were always going to get in on the apocalyptic act.

Last year’s Cargo (another zombie movie, yippie) was a huge smash.

Bird Box is something else entirely.

It is a true phenomenon.

We open on Malorie (Sandra Bullock) preparing two terrified children for a perilous journey. Girl & boy are their given names.

Malorie & the kids are blindfolded. They enter a small boat & begin heading downstream.

It’s a cold opening reminiscent of the best of Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul.

Director Susanne Bier (The Night Manager) has our attention.

Then in true post-apocalyptic horror fashion, with one jarring cut & a flashback we are transported to happier times.

A pregnant Malorie is visiting the hospital with her wise cracking sister, Jessica (Sarah Paulson). Paulson is as always brilliant.

On the way home disaster strikes & Bullock holes up with a group of desperate survivors in a small house.

This underwritten assortment of characters are led by Douglas (John Malkovich) . Has Malkovich ever given a poor performance? I mean apart from when he played a jewel thief?(Spike Jonze fans should hopefully get that reference).

Moonlight’s Trevante Rhodes is Bullock’s love interest, Tom.

There are strong turns from Jackie Weaver & Eminem’s nemesis, Machine Gun Kelly (”Fuck rap God, I’m a rap devil. Comin’ bare-faced with a black shovel.” Indeed).

Lil Rey Howery shows up to essentially play the same character that he did in Get Out. He’s provides the comic relief.

What is it exactly that our heroes are hiding from?

Well, outside there are a group of creatures who can manifest themselves as your worst nightmare.

Anyone who sees them will end up committing suicide. It’s a bloody great premise. The story is adapted from Josh Malerman’s novel of the same name.

Bird Box has been universally panned.

The film itself may fall a little short.

At times it’s incoherent mess.

Still – I had great fun.

Yes, you’ve seen this story before.

Many times.

Bird Box isn’t perfect.

You may only watch it once. However, the outstanding cast & riveting script will keep you enthralled.

I do wish they went another way with the ending but that’s just me.

Go on – see what all the fuss is about.

Bird Box is available now on Netflix Hungary.

Check out the trailer below:

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