Death, chaos & mystery : Nic & The Captain from True Crime Garage Interview

Captain & Nick. Photo: 614 magazine.

We’ve been looking forward to this one at Pulse hq. After tuning into The True Crime Garage Podcast more times than we can count, Pulse sat down for an exclusive interview with the show’s hosts, Nic & The Captain.

Every week TCG sit down, crack open a few beers & talk us through some of the World’s most chilling crimes.

Here the duo discuss how they got started, why we should all get into podcasts, their favourite cases from the show & much more.

You are all in for a great treat.

Thanks for doing this lads.  Let’s get started. Where do you guys hail from? 

We are both from Columbus, Ohio 

Before you shot to fame after the launch of the True Crime garage, how did you make ends meat?

Nic: I have a lengthy history in property management and security administration 

Captain: Musician, teaching music and banking.

How did you get the idea for doing the true crime garage podcast? Was there a podcast that inspired you?

We both love talk shows and wanted to start a podcast/talk show – there were several podcasts, shows and talk shows that inspired us. Joe Rogan, Coast to Coast, Unsolved Mysteries, America’s Most Wanted, Howard Stern, Adam Carolla and several more.

The podcast has been downloaded millions of times. Was there a particular moment when you guys thought? ‘’You know what? This is going to be huge’’?

No there was never that moment… We focus so much on next week’s shows its sometimes hard to see all that is going on. 

Every week you guys sit down with a new beer. What’s been the best brew you’ve had in the True Crime Garage?

That is too tough.. We have rated several beers with a 5 out of 5 grade but not many. The most recent was Haze by Tree House brewing. Like some many other things drinking and tastes is mood based. 

I love the podcast medium. I am constantly harassing my friends into downloading whichever show I am listening to. Evidently, I am doing a pretty shite job. So, far only one of my pals has caught the podcast bug. Maybe it’s better if it comes from you guys. Why should everyone listen to podcasts?

Podcasts are very big because the shows are so specific to what the listener wants to hear. For example I like sports talk shows but I’d rather listen to NFL specific talk. Well I can scratch that itch much more efficiently with a pro football themed podcast than listening all day to sports talk radio – as they will discuss all sports and all levels. With our show you know you will be hearing about a real life true story that involves a crime – sometimes murder or missing persons – solved and unsolved.

Following on from that. What are your favorite podcasts?

Most of the ones that inspired us still remain some of our favorite shows. We tend to bounce around a lot because there is so much out there. Also audio books are fantastic.

The public can’t get enough of true crime. Be it books, movies, tv shows or podcasts. What is it that fascinates us about this genre?

It’s the need to know… The need to know who done it, why and even how. The other thing too – is how can this be prevented or avoided in the future. Just like everything else crime is a part of our history and this includes the worst – murder, rape, mass murder and society either learns from it or repeats it. We like so many others want to learn.

I remember reading a novel about Elizabeth Short when I was about fifteen. I’ve been hooked ever since. When did you get into true crime?

Age 10 and 11 but very basic stuff of course – the JFK and MLK assassinations, DB Cooper, Lizzie Borden and Jack the Ripper 

If I just discovered your show what episode should I listen to first?

That’s tough we have done so many and of course some are better than others. We have learned a lot along the way so our more recent stuff would be better polished. We are very proud of our 2018 catalog. Here’s a few from there – the missing fort worth trio, the Oklahoma girl scout murders, the colonial parkway murders and Christy Mirack .

Getting away from podcasts for a moment, what do you guys like to do when you’re not in the garage?

Captain – music, always making and playing music.

Nic – love watching the NFL and working out in my yard (boring).

Right. For aspiring podcast makers out there, how should they go about it?

You have to really think about format and how dedicated you will be to sticking with a work schedule. This must be a HOBBY that you enjoying working on and working on it a lot. Your topic should be pretty specific and pick something that you are knowledgeable and passionate about . 

What is the toughest episode you guys ever made? 

Any of the child murder cases are dificult to research and talk about.

How do you put an episode together? Does someone come to you and suggest a case to cover? There is a meticulous preparation that goes into each show. How does it all work?

We take listener suggestions and many of them become cases we cover. We prepare separately and have a phone meeting in advance and create an outline to follow along while discussing the case on mic. We each have some people that we check in with from time to time for a multitude of reasons. Each week the preparation varies a bit, it’s difficult to put into words. 

I fell in love with your show after listening to The Vanishing Man episodes. They are just brilliant. Do you guys have a favorite episode?

Real Estate Serial killer, Boys on the tracks, West Memphis 3, The Missing Fort Worth Trio, The Oklahoma girl scout murders, The colonial parkway murders and the Texas killing fields, Missy Beavers.

Your work has helped bring light to cases & people that would otherwise be forgotten. Is it the best part of your job?

Yes – once in a while we get a thank you from a family member of a victim – that makes you very proud of all of the hard work!

And finally, lads. What are your plans for the future?

We started a new show last year called Off The Record – available on Stitcher premium and we are having a lot of fun doing that show!
We want to do more maybe a side series or a Netflix documentary on one of our favorite cases but whatever we do we still love getting into the garage each week with the true crime garage army having a beer and talking some true crime! 

Now that you are all into podcasts here is a great place to start.

True Crime Garage

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