Mélypont Presszó Review

A ruin pub like no other. Photo: Facebook.

Probably our favourite new bar at Pulse, Mélypont Presszó is a great wee spot. You won’t find any tourists, stags or many expats (apart from us) down there. Just a quick dash from Kalvin Ter – open a red wooden door, head down the concrete steps, pass through one more door & you’ll find a Kocsma like ruin pub.

The place is usually packed to the rafters – filled with locals. Usually a young, hip & relaxed crowd. Finding a seat ain’t easy & most tables tend to be covered in those infuriating little foglalt signs. Still it’s worth waiting around until someone pisses off.

I first visited Mélypont Presszó just before Christmas. My pals, big Chris & big Joost invited me along for a few brews. I loved Mély from the off. The city doesn’t have enough of these bars left anymore. You know a place that isn’t chasing the tourist coin at the expense of everything else?

Once I fought my way through the crowd to the bar, I was pleasantly surprised to see such a high caliber drinks list. Beers from Mad Scientist, Dimbo Lab, Fehér Nyúl, Zips & Monyo can be snapped up for under 1k. That is rare. A pint of from these innovative breweries will usually set you back at least 1200 huf plus in most other joints.

No worries if you ain’t into craft beer. Soproni IPA ( no matter what they tell you, this ain’t craft) & Soproni lager is also on draft at a reduced rate.

There are also stacks & stacks of top shelve whiskey. Oban, The Chita, Balvenie, Red Breast & Glendronach among others. It won’t cost you much to have a wee dram.

Beware though – don’t come on an empty stomach. The food selection is in a word. Brutal. You’ll get snacks & not much else. This place is for drinking. Heavy. Drinking.

Mélypont Presszó is a cracking bar. Get yourself down there.

Go to: Magyar u. 23, 1053 Hungary

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