Tipple of the week: Mad Scientist Cookie Monster (10.5%)

Me Cookie Monster. That all there is to it. Photo: Mad Scientist.

And. We. Are. Back.

So sorry to keep you all waiting on this.

We ain’t dropped a tipple since mid-December.

It was a crazy, crazy Christmas & New Years at the Pulse offices.

We have just about recovered.

Our very first tipple was by the lads & lassies of Mad Scientist (a free crate of beer to any reader who can tell me which beer that was).

We’ve been coming back to that well ever since.

I don’t have the time to count how many times Mad Scientist have made it into our tipple of the week.


Pulse adores them.

No one in this country & few beyond it’s borders are churning out brews as good as these.

Let’s talk about the present & this week’s tipple, shall we?

It is of course Cookie Monster by Mad Scientist.

I just love the name, don’t you? It takes me back to when I used to watch Sesame Street.

Oscar the Grouch was my favorite Muppet. I had no idea I would morph into him in my old age.

Oscar like us at Pulse, probably enjoyed one too many beers.

He wouldn’t have got his hands on anything this good.

A bottle of Cookie Monster stands glistening before us.

With it’s reddish, white label & inky black liquid we know that we’re in for a treat.

At a jaw dropping 10.5% abv this one takes no prisoners.

What you need to know is – Cookie monster is a Russian imperial stout.

Filled with chocolate, coffee & dried fruits.

It is consistent & delicious.

This is a truly exquisite beer for your winter hibernation.

If you fancy a Cookie Monster then Untappd will help you find one.

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