6:3 Borozó Review

Your new local. Photo: Facebook.

November 25th. 1953. London, Wembley.  Hungary led by Hidegkuti & Puskas are about to skelp England rotten & forever change the face of modern football.

It’s only fitting that all these years later that a proud Hungarian nation celebrates “the match of the century” by opening a bar to honour The Mighty Magyars.

Last week, Pulse told you all about this place.

We felt it would be cool to keep our run of traditional Hungarian Kocsma’s going.

So, here we are.

6:3 is to be found at the Boráros tér end of Lónyay Utca.

Lónyay is one of many places I crashed at over the last year & a half. I passed this spot many a time on my way to work.

Never did I dare go inside.

What stopped me? In truth I am not sure.

The bar had a kind of “where nobody knows your name & nobody’s glad you came”vibe going on.

You know what though?

I couldn’t have been more wrong if I tried.

Much like Mélypont, 6:3 offers us all a chance to enjoy a real Hungarian drinking experience.

More than that though. What enticed me through these doors was Zolli.

We mentioned Zolli on Pulse before. He is easily the best barman in Budapest. And a great, great lad to boot.

He was a welcome sight when I popped my head through the door here last week. I cried out “Zolli” a little too loud & the whole bar turned to see what idiot had disturbed their evening. I was that idiot. I hadn’t seen the guy in about a year so cut me some slack.

After catching up, I ordered a couple of beers & sat down with my pal. Two bottles of Soproni IPA cost me 1k. Dreher is on tap for even less.

There are no over the top & over priced cocktials or 2k craft beers.

This joint has some real spirit. It’s a cool as fuck little bar that you won’t want to leave.

6:3 is for everyone one of us who is a little tired of the “alternative tourist’” who thinks Szimpla is as real as Budapest gets.

A full on Hungarian bar that salutes Hungarian things.

Why aren’t there more of these places left to hang out in?

Zolli’s bar can be found at Lónyay u. 62.

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