Lumen Café Review

The great indoors. Photo: Lumen Cafe Facebook.

Wandering through the streets of Budapest can bring with it some unexpected surprises.

On a particularly chilly week day evening my girlfriend & I sought refuge from the harsh cold after spending a little too long looking for a place to grab a wee drink.

Stumbling down a one-way utca we saw a group of violinists playing away behind a window.

Peering inside, we soon realized that we had happened upon Lumen Café.

In all my years in the city, I’d never hit up Lumen. Only good things were said of this joint. We jumped inside to find out for ourselves.

The first thing you will notice about this spot, is just how hip it is.

Even at around 5pm, the place was buzzing with artists, writers & musicians. They chatted away loudly over coffee or beer.

There is a beautiful outdoor area & a large terrace.

We grabbed a seat & ordered up our drinks. I went for a Postřižinské Střízlí. This is a Czech near beer. In all honesty it wasn’t the greatest, but I wasn’t feeling their real beer list.

My girlfriend grabbed a Rekyte lager. That was decent enough (I had a sip or two). Lumens beer list wasn’t fantastic on the day we visited. Rekyete was all that was on offer. They make decent enough brews but nothing to make me give up my near brew on a school night.

I leafed through Lumen’s drink menu & I was startled to find some cracking whisky at a great price.

Talisker, Laphroaig, Glenmorangie & Glenfarclas jumped out from the black & white drinks list. I’ve gotten to know these malts well over the years but next time I am back, I will have a wee dram.

Their food menu is also something else. I plucked for the noodles & sun-dried tomato. It was exceptional.

Apparently, Lumen’s breakfast offerings are amongst the best in all of Budapest so, be sure to try that out.

A place to for the cities cool kids to be seen (so why was I there?), Lumen is one bar I am glad I fell into.