Tipple of the week: Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon (43.2%)

Smooth & brilliant. Photo: Woodford Reserve.

After bringing you craft brews over the last few weeks we decide it was time to switch things up.

This February we are giving you a whisky. No, wait. It’s a bourbon. What’s the difference between a bourbon & a whisky?

Well let’s break that, down shall we?

I am by no means an expert, so bear with me.  And whatever you do, don’t quote me on this.

Bourbon hails from the American South. Whisky belongs to my homeland. Scotland.

Whisky tends to be made from malted barley, whilst bourbon is distilled from corn.

Now that is out of the way let’s get into the drink itself.

This week’s tipple is the one & only, Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

The gang at Woodford started distilling bourbon all the way back in 1870.

The Civil War had ended five years earlier & the good folk of Kentucky wanted to celebrate the Union’s victory. Woodford was born.

Well that’s how I like to think it happened.

When I need something dark to drink, I tend to go for a whisky but when the mood takes me, I will ask for a Woodford Reserve.

Just a couple of weeks back, I introduced a friend of mine to this stuff in Good Spirit (check out our review for that spot here).

Woodford is bold, smooth & incredibly easy to drink. With or without ice.

Like all good bourbons you will catch a hint of vanilla. A shot of caramel will come through. You might even taste a little charred wood.

The best thing about this is unlike some of our more obscure tipples, Woodford Reserve can be found in pretty much every decent bar in Budapest.

Order it up neat or on the rocks & knock it back with delightful ease.

I am going to pour myself a glass now. It’s only 8.30am, you say? That’s ok. I’ll take one for the team.

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