Tipple of the week: VaskakasSörfozde Porter (5.5%)

London calling. Photo: By the author.

Being an English teacher in self-exile in the sixth biggest city in Hungary, the local craft pub has become a much-frequented paradise.

An oasis in Győr’s Belvaros is Lima. Or to give it its full name the Lima Pub and Hostel. A craft pub of biblical proportions. Not only do they brew a variety of beers but also distil their own wines.

In this mini-series we look at Győr’s local brewers and their offerings.

In this small series, we’ll review each of their local bottled offerings.

First, we delve deep into the “Porter” from the VaskakasSörfozde brewery based in one of Győr’s neighbouring villages, Győrújbarát. Available bottled or on tap in Lima, it is a real joy.

A dark, full bodied porter coming in at 5.5%. It is brewed in the English tradition, hence the London Docker on the label. A darkish brown foamy head which elegantly sits above a stark black body. It’s nefariously nice – you must have another one. It’s a cosy beer, perfect for a cold night in Gyor.

With chocolate notes, its creamy thin-like mildly-carbonated form goes down very well. The bitter has silky smoothqualities with tiny traces of a roasted hops. This is all well-balanced well with a deep malty notes. 

It could be thicker but a solid porter and one I’ll continue to unhealthily throw back. It’s really worth getting your hands on.

You can pick this wee brew up at all good Budapest bottle shops.