Belvárosi Legenda Review

A great line up. Photo: Belvárosi Legenda Facebook.

Years ago, back home (well not back home exactly) there was a wee beer truck that sat in the heart of Gozsdu-udvar. Next to it you would find The Zing Burger Van. On any given night you could roll up & grab a cheese burger & a great brew just a few yards away.

That beer truck belonged to Legenda.

When my good pal, Francesca visited me about six years ago, the Legenda van was one of the first places I took her too.

In the years since, the Legenda van disappeared but they opened a bar on Kiraly. I loved this watering hole but the early closing time, mean’t I wasn’t a permanent fixture.

I waited eagerly for the Legenda team to open a new spot & that time has arrived.

Belvárosi Legenda sits almost directly across the road from Karaván on Kazinczy Utca.

Belvárosi  is only a few weeks old.

I popped in recently with my girlfriend, Viri for a couple of quiet brews.

She asked for a Tripla Meggy & I went for an old friend. More on that later.

Now it’s fair to say that these guys are a bit under the radar. The Legenda brewery ain’t as hip as say Mad Scientist but you know what? I don’t think they are trying to be.

Their mission is to throw great beer after great beer at us & boy do they smash it.

The first Hungarian craft beer I ever tried was most likely a Legenda Joker Face IPA. It’s bitter & tasty. A proper IPA made the right way. So, you can guess what I went for this time out right?

That’s what you get from Legenda. Great beer. Without pretension.

Belvárosi Legenda is a great spot. The location is perfect & the bar is cozy, intimate.

They offer over 100 beers. 3 on tap. The brilliant staff assured us that there will be more taps added in the very near future.

The great thing is the all those beers are from their own brewery.

Just when you thought they couldn’t outdo themselves – all the pints are under 900 HUF.

The food options aren’t fantastic but if you just want to drink, drink, drink then don’t panic. They’ve got you covered.

Right now, it is a hidden gem of sorts. That will surely change in the coming months as more & more Szimpla Kert dwellers drop in for a quick brew.

Pulse will be spending a lot of time here. You should too.

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