CrossFit Glasshouse: More Than a Gym

The Glasshouse. Photo: By the author.

January and February have flown by in the blink of an eye and we’re entering the time of year when our annual “This is the year I get my ass in gear and get fit” New Year’s resolution begins to fall by the wayside.

Luckily, for those of us committed to getting back into shape or just fitter than we are today help is at hand.  The long established and increasingly popular Reebok CrossFit Duna has recently opened a sister box on the Buda side of the river and is ready to help you achieve your fitness goals and beyond for 2019. 

Located at Nándorfejérvári út 40 and easily accessible by Public Transport (Tram 1, 17 & 49 all go through the area), Budapest’s latest Crossfit Box, CrossFit Glasshouse, brands itself as “More than a Gym” but rather “an International fitness community that helps each other everyday to be healthier and happier”. 

We at BudapestPulse were lucky enough to be invited along to both a recent Open Day and to the Official Grand Opening itself where we put the FC Barcelona-esque “More Than a Gym” motto to the test.

First Impressions

There is an old saying that you should never judge a book by its cover.  Well, the same sentiment can also be applied to CrossFit Glasshouse.  From the outside, Glasshouse is a pretty regular looking industrial building.  However, once you enter through its sliding doors it is hard not to be blown away by the vast and bright workout space, and the array of fitness equipment on offer for use.

For those of you who are not familiar within the inner workings of a CrossFit box, they are not like regular gyms.  There are no weight machines or treadmills.  Nor are there any mirrors on the walls of the workout area for you gaze lovingly at your own reflection while performing bicep curls.

Instead, you will find dumbbells, kettle bells, and barbells, pull up bars, jump ropes, rowers, and a whole lot more of fun stuff, all new & shiny and all begging to be tried out.

Open Day and Grand Opening

On the days we were invited along, it was clear to see that there is already a great community feeling being fostered at the Box.  The owners made a point of welcoming everyone upon arrival both days, members and non-members alike.  The atmosphere was relaxed and jovial, and not all testosterone driven as is the perception that many people have of CrossFit.

Across the two days, I was able to witness at first hand the range of classes on offer at Glasshouse including Weight Lifting, Endurance, Gymnastics, Boxfit and even CrossFit for kids, along with the regular CrossFit classes; all of which are in English and led by qualified & experienced coaches. 

At both events, the coaches took time at the beginning of their classes to explain the workout and movements included, enquire of any injuries, and offered scaling/modified options for those who for some reason could not perform the subscribed movement.  This way everyone – whether a CrossFit diehard, a beginner to CrossFit or a total stranger to the world of fitness – felt at ease in a place they belonged and assured that they will get a good workout in. The coaches then went on to lead an inclusive warm-up making sure every person in the class was ready for what’s to come.  Even when coaching long standing CrossFitters, the main focus of the coaches was on form and making sure all movements were performed safely & correctly – I could immediately tell that this was no place for egos but instead a safe environment where one can really improve fitness & health through professional coaching.  As someone who suffers from back and mobility issues, I found this to be very reassuring and felt in good hands during the workouts, if not a little out of breathe by the end!

This sounds all too serious, but rest assured that a joke or two were cracked throughout the class, easing the atmosphere and increasing the fun. Working out with my buddy, pushing each other through the work-out was definitely more enjoyable than I expected, but must also admit that the great selection of music and ambience set by the coaches gave us the extra energy we needed.

Once the classes were done for the day it was back to building the welcoming community feel as we knocked back a few beers, enjoyed a game of spike ball, and got to know one another a little better, truly in the spirit that CrossFit Glasshouse is “More than a Gym”.

Both CrossFit Glasshouse and its big sister Reebok CrossFit Duna offer FREE trial classes to all comers as well as a Beginners Course, where all CrossFit foundations and basic movements are taught with the purpose to ease the introduction into the CrossFit world of fitness for all those new to fitness or CrossFit itself.  Additionally, and alongside the physical activity element at both boxes, they also provide nutrition advice, 1-2-1 sessions, and help with injury rehabilitation – it’s simple really, if you want to get healthier and do it with a smile, then you have found what you’re looking for!

For more details on both boxes check out their website:

CrossFit Glasshouse

Reebok CrossFit Duna


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