Tipple of The Week: Tempest The Alligator Man (9.2%)

Beer & wood. Photo: Instagram.

It’s that time of week again.

I am sure you’ve all been eagerly awaiting this – well probably not.

Work is over until Monday & you need a brew to help smash through the weekend.

Well look no further.

The Tipple of the Week is here.

What did we pluck for this time?

Well, this one hails from my homeland.

The Alligator Man is a creation of Tempest Brewing.

We did a write up on them last May. Man, that feels like a lifetime ago.

First off let’s say – what a bloody great name.

I saw a bottle of this stuff in my local beer shop & I snatched it up faster than Brendan Rodgers ran down to Leicester. That’s for all you heartbroken Celtic fans out there.

So, who or what is The Alligator Man?

Well. It’s an incredible imperial double IPA.

Tempest do not mess around.

At an Earth Shattering 9.2% you know you’re with the big boys when you pour a glass of this.

How does it pour? Hazy. Amber colored. An atheistically pleasing treat.

Does it live up to the hype?

Of course. Citrus hops out of the glass. Exotic fruits like the wee spiky bastard the pineapple will rush up along with his pal’s mango & peach.

It’s sweet & dangerous.

No beer this strong should be so good or so easy to drink.


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