Műterem Kávézó Review

A welcoming spot. Photo: MTRM Facebook.

I am probably the wrong guy to talk to you about coffee.

You see, I rarely go near the stuff.

I ain’t into hot drinks. Apart from soup. Does soup count as a drink or is it more of a food?

Whatever the answer to that question is – I have about two coffees a year. If that.

My girlfriend, Viri lives by the cup of mud. That’s how she starts the day. A stainless-steel coffee mug boiling on the stove. Contents of said steel kettle are poured into her favorite mug.

I am usually out the door on my bike (literally) by that stage.

I don’t drink the black stuff.

Finding this writer in a coffee house is a strange occurrence indeed.

How did I end up in Műterem Kávézó?

A few weeks back we were walking home. MTRM caught our attention.

Clean lines. Photo: MTRM Facebook.

A stone throw from Obudai Egyetem , this little coffee house can even entice non-mocha drinkers such as myself through the door.

Inside it’s all trendy & cool. The walls are stripped back brick. Everywhere shelves are packed with books & hypnotic paintings can be purchased downstairs.

As for the coffee? Well it is superb. MTRM serve up quite a few concoctions. 

The menu is simple & a cup of java won’t set you back more than 600 Huf.

I shocked everyone by actually finishing my small mug.

Coffee ain’t the only thing this place has going for it.

Hot & cold teas are available.

Try the freshly squeezed orange juice or a slice of vegan chocolate cake.

Delicious toasted sandwiches will keep your hot drink company.

Hot, hot, hot. Photo: MTRM Facebook.

For someone who doesn’t like or drink coffee, this place made a great impression.

Don’t take my word for it.

Head down to the 8th & go see for yourself.

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