House Bar & Kitchen Review

Cheers. Photo: Jeff Cruz.

Before we get started – you should know something.

One of House Bar’s owners, Gabriel is a good pal of mine.

My DJ collective, The Joy Division enjoyed more than a few great gigs at House back in the day.

In that time, we got to know Gabi well.

That being said at Pulse we always aim to give you an honest view of all things Budapest.

So, let’s get too it shall we?

House Bar was opened about four years ago.

Situated at Nagymezo u., the bar was originally called Tuborg.

House at first struggled to find it’s identity.

Gabriel, the two Nick’s, Hernan, Kata & the rest of the team worked tirelessly to build a Home away from home.


Now, House is easily one of the best pubs in the city.

It is something of a hot spot.

On any given night, you can find the place jumping & packed.

Gabriel and his team have worked wonders with the bar.

Pop in & marvel at how well they’ve done.

The bar staff will greet you – sharply dressed in fancy bow ties & chic leather aprons.

The service is top class. The bar crew are jocular & make working hard, look like great fun.

Quench your thirst with a World famous cocktail. Photo: Jeff Cruz.

Let’s discuss the drinks, shall we?

The bars mixology superstar, Hernan has created an exquisite cocktail list that easily rivals the big hitters like Good Spirit’s.

His Boulevardier is incredible.

What’s more, you won’t be paying through the teeth.

If you don’t fancy a long drink, then pluck for a beer. They have everything from Staropramen to Hoegaarden on tap. 

For those of you who don’t drink beer. Don’t worry. The wine list is glorious.

A great line up. Photo: Andres Vass.

Hungry? Well, the burgeoning kitchen has been earning rave reviews.  The Empanada’s are delicious, fresh & unforgettable. You can now order these bad boys straight to your door.

Beyond all of that you will never be bored at House.

They have everything from live music, to stand-up comedy, to karaoke, to deejays & more.

Their live sports coverage be that rugby or football always draws in the crowds.

A football fanatic, Gabriel knows how to make sports fans feel welcome.

Whatever you are in to – they have you covered.

There are three floors & plenty of room but come early on weekends. The place gets very busy.

A unique hang out, House Bar is a go to joint for both locals & a hip international crowd.

Get yourself over to Nagymezo u. A great evening is assured.


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