Hintaló Iszoda Review

Band of Horses. Photo: Hintaló Iszoda.

Forgive me. I am writing this review with a concussion. After a nasty bike accident last week I am pretty banged up.

The article may not make much sense.

What do you mean none of my pieces make sense?

Cheeky buggers.


We are here to talk about a new favorite bar of mine. And hopefully soon yours too.

The bar in question is Hintaló Iszoda.

Hintaló can be found in the deepest darkest 8th district.

Head past McDonalds at Blaha, spend a few life or death moments on Népszínház U.

Are you still with me.


Take a right onto Bacsó Béla utca & you are almost there.

In all truth.

At first, you’d been forgiven for thinking, Hintaló is a tiny hole in the wall bar.

That’s what I believed.

You like me would be wrong.

I found the place by accident.

After peering through the huge glass windows possibly a little longer than necessary, I stepped inside.

The hobby horse just reopened it’s doors to the public after a lengthy make over.

And what a makeover we have here.

The plush yet understated surroundings immediately got me hooked.

I hopped over to the bar & snatched up their pretty snazzy drinks list.

If you’ve read a Pulse review in the last year or a bit, you all know where I was headed right?

You guessed it. I was right on the beer page.

Beers, beers, beers. Photo:
Hintaló Iszoda 

Did they pass the test?

Aye – it’s magnificent.

Hintaló offer up a house lager. It’s fresh, crisp & cheapish (600 HUF)

Most of their barley pops are from the great Hungarian brewery, Hübris.

Try the herbal IPA.

Not only do they get the beer selection right – Hintaló’s spirit list is also cracking.

After grabbing my drink, I took a look around.  

All manner of wooden horses could be found around every nook & cranny.  

I wait for the click. But it never kicks in. Photo:
Hintaló Iszoda

Being a scribbler (sort of), I was drawn towards the gothic typewriter that sat in one eerie corner.

There are all kinds of fascinating objects for you to play with or just admire.

Hintaló reminded me of a San Diego style bar – relaxed, inspired & well hidden.

I adored the place & I will be back soon.

I mean, I only live up the road.

It would be rude not to wouldn’t it?