Chinatown Review

Portions bigger than your head. Photo: Virag Eszter Toth

An extraordinary beautiful bowl of noodles lands on our table. Freshly made in house. They taste better than any noodles we have ever devoured. Forgoing the preamble let me tell you were we are – Chinatown at Blaha is the best Chinese restaurant in the city. We, ( Viri and I) had walked past it many a time. There were always hordes of Chinese tourists spilling out of & going in the restaurants entrance. We had to give it a try. One soft warm night we stepped inside. The place was packed out. We were seated in the back. What to expect large is  traditional Chinese décor. Our waiter spoke no Hungarian & very little English. This led to a few mishaps when it came to ordering. Our table was stacked with about eight plates of different dishes. All of them delicious. We had only ordered two, but it didn’t matter. Alongside the noodles, came some spicy tofu. Crispy crab crackers & spring rolls. The large group in the next booth gawked at us as more & more food arrived. They gave us a round of applause for tucking in & using chop sticks. After finishing what we could & bagging up the rest,  our waiter brought us a complimentary granny smith apple dipped in salt water. That was a great contrast to our spicy mains. This restaurant has real character, fantastic food & is very, very cheap. If you are looking for great Chinese food, then you’ve come to the right place.


Find this foodie heaven @ Népszínház u. 15, 1081 Hungary.

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