Grand Guri Serház Review

Craft beer by night. Photo: Grand Guri Serház Facebook.

Located in a quiet spot on the other side of the Korut, Grand Guri Serház is a fun little craft brewpub that serves up beer at great prices.

One day as I was cycling around the city I stumbled upon this place & I immediately knew I’d love it. This was before I had even set foot inside.

A small gathering of people were standing by the doorway & sipping on what looked like delicious beer. This wasn’t your usual hipster crowd.

Instead – locals who just wanted to enjoy top brews instead of being seen to. If that makes sense? It doesn’t? Ok, then.

Grand is a different kind of craft brew experience. The craft scene in BP does not have enough bars like this. Family owned, cheap & without pretension. The furniture is uncomplicated. The atmosphere is nice & chilled.

The main attraction is, of course, the beers. The beers.

Grand has everything. APA’s, IPA’S, Stouts. You name it. All of them are absurdly drinkable. And here is the best part, the brews come in at under 1000 HUF.  The beers are also available to take away by the bottle.

I made it along to this brewpub last Friday with three of my pals. We went for a stout. Took a seat on Grand’s spacious balcony & talked the night away. Well, that’s my memory of how things went down.

When the heat hits, you can take your beer out on the street.

There used to be an old Hungarian market across from Grand Guri. It was knocked down some time ago and replaced by a drab apartment building. If that doesn’t make you a little sad, then I don’t know what will. Well, maybe not sad. Sometimes, (as The Stills sang) ‘Changes Are No Good.’

In any case, it’s good to see a traditional style Hungarian bar that pour modern craft beer.  They also offer up traditional Hungarian food. If you don’t fancy a full meal grab some olives or peanuts.

What more can I say? Not much. Just get yourself down to this magnificent joint before the tourists arrive there first.  

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