Top Five: Sziget Tips

Pure joy. Photo: Don't forget to move.

The Sziget Festival starts tomorrow & Pulse didn’t want to leave you hanging.

The love revolution awaits.

Over half a million guests are expected to invade Obuda Island in the next week or so.

Check out Pulse’s top five Sziget tips below.

Do not miss The National

Chilling. Photo: The Atlantic.

Trust me. I’ve seen this band more times than I can count. There won’t be a better live act at Sziget this year. I guarantee it. Ohio’s finest will headline the main stage this coming Saturday. You do not want to miss out.

Skip Ed Sheeran

Photo: NME

On the flip side, don’t waste your time or money seeing Ed Sheeran. If a mundane, run of the mill pop music is your thing then knock yourself out – but just know this. A festival ticket will set you back 89 euros on the day Sheeran plays. Is it worth it? Is it fuck. Save your pennies for something more interesting.

Party all The Time

Party. Photo: NPO

It’s heading to head back home once the mainstage headline act finishes. Don’t. You’ll find music to suit all tastes into the wee small hours of the morning. Head to the nearest tent, grab a few beers & a couple of shots. Go nuts until the sun comes up.

Sneak in some brews (but not too much)

Brews on the river. Photo: Shutter shot.

Although the price of Sziget tickets has gone through the roof in recent years, you can still eat and drink relatively cheaply inside. Still, a festival ain’t a festival unless you are playing a cat and mouse game of can I get some drink past the security guards? Unless you are coming in with a boatload of booze, you should be alright. A few tinnies of beer & a hipflask filled with whiskey and you’ll be grand. Good luck.

Get off the Island

Time to go. Photo: Sziget Twitter.

After a few days, the campsite at Sziget resembles a scene from The Night of The Living Dead. Spending a whole week there isn’t the greatest idea in the World. Grab The Hev. Grab a bike. Grab a taxi. Head into the city or even go in the other direction out to Romai Part. The island & the festival will be waiting for you when you return.

All the info you need about the Sziget can be found here.

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