PIVO söröző és sörbolt Review

A quiet night at Pivo. Photo" Airbnb.

It’s been a while since we dropped a bar review. This one’s a real gem as well (the bar not the review).

You get what I am saying right?

Pivo söröző és sörbolt is the place we will be discussing.

Not to be confused with the shite tourist trap, Pivo and Bar found in the 7th.

Our Pivo is a Czech beer bar that thankfully attracts locals & only locals.

Well – obviously some expats roll through the bars doors from time to time. Namely my friends & I.

Located in the 13th district on Hegedűs Gyula u., Pivo is a wee bit off the beaten track.

It’s not a place you’ll just happen to stumble upon. My pals, Mark & Dave told me about this cool spot.

Now, what can you expect of Pivo?

Well, top-class beers of course at a great, great price.

Usually, they have about four beers on tap. The pick of the bunch is the Earth-shattering, Flying Cloud IPA.

This is a cracking & delicious IPA & you’ll get a full pint for only 850 HUF.

As the autumn months close in, you might fancy something a little darker so try the Bernard barna. It is only available by the bottle but you won’t be disappointed.

They also offer up near beers such as Bernard szilva, which goes down a treat.

Only bar snacks can be found in the kitchen but that will keep you going through the night.

Pivo is the sort of bar, where the occupants stop what they doing & stare as you walk inside. And you know what – that’s ok.

Budapest could do with a few more (almost) local only pubs. That sure beats walking into yet another bar that is chasing the tourist coin.

Come for the cheap tasty beers & stay for the company.

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