Bar Pharma Review

Wall to wall of the good stuff. Photo: Tripadvisor.

Pharma – a hole in the wall bar like no other. This little beauty can be found on of all places Kazinczy u.

Don’t worry though – you won’t find armies of tourists inside. Most of them probably don’t know that this spot exists.

And why would they? You could easily walk past & not see Pharma. Blink & you will miss it.

If there is a smaller bar in BP then I’d like to know.

What Pharma lacks in size, it more than makes up for in style, character, selection & originality.

It really is a one of a kind. A cocktail bar that makes you feel right at home.

I counted about six or seven seats in the entire premises.

When Viri (my fiancé) & I visited we had the place to ourselves.

Well, just us & the mixologists. And man – you will find real skill behind that bar.

We only had time for one drink. The only catch was this. We didn’t want any alcohol.

We asked the barman to surprise us.

And surprise us he did. He served up an eye-catching mocktail (or virgin cocktail) if you prefer.

Watching the drinks being mixed & stirred was half the fun.

The questions is, did it taste any good? Aye, it was pure delicious.

What was in the glass? I couldn’t tell you. Have a look for yourself.

What’s in your glass? Photo: Virág Eszter Tóth.

If you want something a little harder then you’ve come to the right place.

They’ve got glass shelves filled with wall to wall spirts.

Everything you could ever dream of. Exquisite rum. Earth-shattering vodka served with large shards of ice. Jaw-dropping whiskey.

I should have had a glass of the good stuff right? Next time.

One note of caution. The prices are a little steep. It is worth the extra HUF.

Bar Pharma serves up all manner of imaginative cocktails. It would be a shame if you didn’t check it out.

And it would be a shame if I didn’t return. I will. Soon.

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