Guri Serház Keleti Review

They’ve got 20 different beers on tap. Photo: Guri Serház Keleti

A dog, a fish tank and a TV Sounds like the start of a terrible joke.

Though, as an Irishman writing for a Scotsman, I think we’re both just glad that we’re not part of it. Then again, throw in some draught beers, some funky music, and a cosy basement setting, and you’ve got the making for a good time! That was definitely true for my mate and I when we visited Guri Serház near Keleti for some relaxing brews.

They’ve got 20 different beers on tap, all from the same craft brewery (Guri) and with plenty of styles to choose from. The menu says the brewery currently has 22 different styles. Either way, the 20 they had on offer were definitely enough to keep us happy for a few hours, or at least curious about what our next one would be. On top of that, you won’t (or at least we didn’t) find a pint for more than HUF 1,000!

They’ve also got snacks available to go with the beer: think kolbász and pretzels. There are decorations strewn all over the place, enough to keep your eyes wandering between conversations. The whole feeling is reminiscent of a true ruin pub. Nothing feels forced. Everything just seems to flow.

Watching television. Photo: By the author.

While the pub was full of locals, there was one lost looking American having a few pints at the bar. Not wanting to be the first person to say anything in English to the barman (and to keep refining my limited Hungarian language skills), I was pleased to hear the barman understand and speak a bit of English when taking the American’s orders. Despite the option to order in English, I still managed to add a few new Hungarian words to my vocabulary, such as Keresztapa, Barack O’Bama, Genezis, Spicc, Sztahanov, and Urbán. While we managed to get a good bit of tasting in during our visit, there is also the option to bring some of your favourite brew home in a plastic bottle. Or if you haven’t found your favourite yet, it gives you another chance to continue the quest.

All-in-all, a great little spot! I’ll be back in the very near future to tick a few more beers off the list.

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