Davy Byrne’s Pub Review

Your new local. Photo: Davy Byrne's Pub.

Here at Budapest Pulse, we are always on the lookout for cool & buzzing bars, so when we got an invite down to the latest Irish pub to open in the capital we came running.

The pub in question is, of course, Davy Byrne’s. Located in the heart of the city on Jokai Utca (just off Oktogon), Davy’s had a soft opening of sorts a couple of weeks ago. Their official opening party is next Thursday (check out the event page here).

Pulse popped in to have a quick chat with two of the pub’s owners, Brian and Tim. Brian hails from Naas & Tim is a half American, half Irish fella from Virginia. Both lads are a great laugh & they make you feel right at home. I did forget to ask them how they came up with the name of Davy Byrne’s. Luckily I could put in a call to my friend, Ross in Cork. Davy Byrne’s is apparently a long since gone Dublin pub that James Joyce used to drink in. Joyce even mentioned it in Ulysses.

So, what can you expect of Budapest’s, Davy Byrne’s? Well – the unexpected.

They are the only bar in the city serving up authentic Irish craft brew. That craft brew is the excellent O’Hara’s. My Irish pal (I officially have three Irish mates, shout out to big Mal in Dundalk), Mark had been banging on about this stuff for years. It was great to finally get my hands on a couple of O’Hara pints. In fact, Mark and I were the first people ever to have O’Hara’s on tap in Hungary. I went for the 51st State, a subtle and delicious IPA that comes in at an easy enough going 6%. For all you craft heads out there, I recommend grabbing one of these. Also, try out O’Hara’s Irish Red & The Irish Pale Ale. You won’t be disappointed.

As well as some quality craft beer, they have the old classics like Guinness, Magners & Falling Apple Cider. Sorproni & Soproni IPA can be snapped up as well.

There is a great selection of Irish whiskey. Tullamore Dew, Paddy & Pogues (yes named after the band) were the standouts for this writer. For those wanting something a little more local, Palinka is on hand to take care of your needs.

In the way of food, you will find just snacks. But what snacks they are. Mr. Tayto, Kings & Guinness crisps are waiting for you behind the bar.

Like all outstanding Irish pubs, Davy Byrne’s is a great spot to catch the latest live sporting action. Be that rugby, football, Gaelic, golf, hurling or F1.

Live music (first up are Budapest folk heroes, Paddy and The Sweaty Socks), will be a regular staple at Davy Byrne’s. There will also be live comedy and much more to keep us all entertained.

Davy Byrne’s is a magnificent bar that conjures up memories of an old Irish pub, yet with a dynamic, modern & refreshing take. It is a great place to enjoy a few important or not so important conversations over a few beers.

Go check it out. Pulse will see you there.

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