Top Five: Winter Pubs

Winter nights in warm bars. Photo: KEG Facebook.

Winter will be ours (whether we want it or not) in a couple of weeks.

What to do? Well – drinking is the simple answer.

It may soon be pitch black outside and very, very cold but not to worry.

Pulse has you covered.

Check out our Top Five Winter Bars in Budapest below.

Actually 5 + 1 but you get the point.

Hintaló Iszoda

Having fun @ Hintaló. Photo: Hintaló Iszoda Facebook.

A minute’s or so walk from Blaha, Hintaló Iszoda is an odd (I won’t even tell you what I found in a cupboard there on my last visit) little ruin bar that is brilliantly effulgent.

What with its almost friable furniture and flowery wallpaper, Hintaló  looks like the inside of your granny’s living room.

Yet – the place is always brimful of the most hip, young and happening crowds.

The bar offers up Hubris on tap, exquisite cocktails and one of Budapest’s finest whiskey lists outside of Good Spirit. If you like your rum then there is plenty to be had here.

A wee winter dram is just the ticket and there aren’t many better places to get one than here.

Check out our full review on Hintaló here.

Pulse Recommends: A Plantation Rum and Coke

The deets: Budapest, Nap u. 19, 1082 Hungary

Pótkulcs Budapest

In living color. Photo: Pótkulcs Facebook.

Hidden behind a long brick wall, overgrown with thick vegetation, it would be easy to forget that Pótkulcs exists. But exist it does…and how. If you are on the lookout for a quiet and well-hidden spot during school nights, or a rowdy night (on weekends), local bar then this is the place for you.

The drinks are cheap, the atmosphere is cosy and the people friendly.

Pótkulcs is a bar you’ll wish you went to more often.

Pulse Recommends: The Czech beer.

The deets: Csengery utca 65/b

Guri Serház Keleti

Friday night lights. Photo: Guri Serház Keleti Facebook.

This longer piece (here) on Guri sure grabbed our readers’ attention a few weeks back. There was never any question that Guri was going to make the list.

Here at Pulse, I am sure you all know that we love our craft beers. What we love even more is getting our hands on a full pint (none of that 0.4 shite) for 750 Huf. Guri delivers that and more.

So, take a bus or Metro 4 (someone has to) out to Keleti, skip over the road and head into Guri’s warm basement. Guri is a truly special place for winter drinking. Or anytime drinking for that matter.

Pulse Recommends:  The Blackball Stout

The deets: Bethlen Gábor utca 3.

Mélypont Presszó

A ruin bar like no other. Photo: Mélypont Presszó Facebook.

No tourists, no expats (except Pulse) and no bank-breaking drinks… doesn’t Mélypont seem like a place you’d like to visit? It really is the last of a dying breed. There aren’t bars like this left in Budapest. As more and more places cater for the endless influx of tourists, Mélypont just keeps doing what it is doing with the minimum of fuss. The pub offers Soproni, various craft brews, great spirits and plenty of snacks for all who dare seek it out. Mélypont is the ruin bar you’ve never been to. It’s time you did something about that.

If you want to know more, then check this out.

Pulse Recommends: The Irish Punk Lager

The deets: Magyar utca 23.1053

KEG Sörművház

Beers by the KEG. Photo: By the author.

Now after extolling the virtues of cheap drinks and bemoaning dying breeds, you might wonder how the hell did KEG make it onto this list. I mean after all it is anything but cheap and it is perhaps arguably a little over-stylised. Pulse went there last September and we weren’t overly impressed. So, what’s changed? Well, KEG proves that you need to give a bar more than one shot. The place is just pretty damn cool. For 2k you can have a cracking tasting menu of the finest craft beers known to man. 2k might seem like a lot but compare it to most other places in the city and it is a very good price. Just pick the top five brews in the place and enjoy yourself. The pub food is also very, very nice. KEG is a far, far better pub than Pulse gave it credit for. We apologise.

Pulse Recommends: Ordering the craft beer tasting menu

The deets: Orlay utca 1.111

Wunder Sörművek

Whiskey by the fire. Photo: KEG Sörművház Facebook.

As the cold closes in and the ground begins to harden with frost, Wunder Sörművek is a great spot to beat the winter blues. A log fire, crackles in the corner, to warm all those who enter this little winter pub. This joint takes its beers and whiskey very, very seriously. You’ll find huge posters for Highland Park and other Scottish whiskeys displayed proudly on the bar’s walls. Wunder Sörművek serves great beer with 10 on tap. Grab a brew and sit by the fire and chat the night away with your pals.

Pulse Recommends: The great whiskey and beer.

The deets: Zichy Jenő utca 41.1066

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