Iconic Family Fashion: Me&MyMummy Founder, Eva Metcalf Interview

Family fashion. Photo: Noemi Janossy.

Pregnancy and childbirth are life-altering enough events for most people as they attempt to cope with the changes it brings to their daily lives and the pressures of raising a newborn child.  For Eva Metcalf, however, pregnancy and the birth of her first daughter Mia set in motion a chain of events that would lead to the fulfillment of a childhood dream.

Growing up in multiple countries and being exposed to different cultures and styles, Eva developed a passion for fashion and design. However, as happens to most of us, Eva chose the safe road and following education in economics, she embarked upon a commercial career that ate into her creative time. 

After giving birth, Eva gave up her stressful office job to focus her energies on raising her daughter and it was at this time that her passion for fashion and design was re-ignited.  With a new understanding of life and what really mattered to her, it was not long before “Baby Number 2” was born; Me&MyMummy.

Me&MyMummy is a fun, funky, and fashionable clothing range brought to you by Eva and proudly based in the heart of Budapest.

The ethos behind the brand is simple: to produce stylish and elegant matching clothing, using natural materials, for both Mum and Daughter.  For mum’s who have often viewed their child’s clothing with a little bit of envy at how much cooler it is to their own, Me&MyMummy has come up trumps with the perfect solution.

With the Fall/Winter season now upon us, Budapest Pulse was fortunate to spend an afternoon with Eva, the Boss Lady, Entrepreneur, and Mum behind one of Budapest’s hottest up and coming clothing lines to find out what makes her tick and what’s next for Me&MyMummy.

Hi Eva, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us today.  Let’s start with the big question: what was the inspiration behind starting Me&MyMummy and what was the tipping point that made you go all in on it, giving up a successful office career?

EM – No problem, you’re welcome.  I have always been passionate about fashion from as far back as I can remember, I loved colour coordinating my outfits even when I was a little girl.  When Mia, my eldest daughter, was born, I noticed I like dressing her in colours that matched my clothes, and I wasn’t the only one noticing, friends, family, and acquaintances all paid complements when they saw us together.  This is what sparked the idea of a clothing brand offering matching outfits.  With the minimal investment necessary, I made the first designs and posted them on a Facebook group for mums. The enthusiasm and support I got from them was overwhelming. This was when I decided to give it a go.

Cool fashion. Photo: Noemi Janossy

It’s very common for startup’s to fail in the first three years; you’re now beyond that, what’s your secret?

EM – I think if you have a good product meeting certain customer demands, your startup will have some small successes from the beginning, if these grow over time and you see some bigger wins, you will continue beyond the “critical 3 years”. I pay very close attention to my customers, to feedback, and to changing needs, and I try to adjust and always strive for improvement.

What tips do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs/designers looking to start their own business/fashion range?

EM – Reaching out to a mentor you look up to, and networking with people in the field of your choice can be of great help, you can get contacts, insider information, and tips which otherwise would take you months or even years to work out on your own.

Cool and comfortable. Photo: Noemi Janossy

What has been your proudest Me&MyMummy moment?

EM I appreciate successes of all sizes.  Talking to customers and receiving compliments for something you created from a single thought is an amazing feeling. I loved my runway show, and I enjoyed being on TV a few times, it still astonishes me that people want to put me on the screen :D. But the proudest moment of it all happened only a couple of weeks ago when my daughter Mia (who is now 4 yrs old) was learning about different occupations and asked me what I do. I was a little surprised about the questions as she has been coming with me to all the tailors, seamstresses, material shops, etc for the past 3 and a half years but I explained to her that this, in fact, is what I do;  I think of a dress, and put all the parts together for it to become a reality so she (and others) can wear it. She listened to my explanation open-mouthed, her eyes were sparkling with amazement and pride. Best. Moment. Ever. 🙂

You mention that one of your inspirations was to create a good example for your girls to follow – do you think they are proud of their mummy?

EM – Mia is now entering into an age where she loves playing dress-up, picking out her own clothes, and she now has a say in the materials and colours I choose. She thoroughly enjoys taking part in the process, trying on dresses and going on fun-filled photoshoots with her friends.

Being this involved in what I do inevitably means she knows the amount of effort, time and commitment I put into the business.  I am grateful that I can count on Mia, my husband, and youngest daughter to be there for me at all times and hope that this instills into my daughters an understanding of how supporting the people close to you benefits the entire family.  I think she learns good basic work morals and I think she really likes her mummy’s job 🙂

ALEXA. Photo: Noemi Janossy

What’s next for Me&MyMummy?

EM – I will soon enter a new area in my personal life as Lara, my little daughter will soon start attending nursery, leaving me with more time to focus on my business. I will move from online sales to having a fix location where customers can try the clothes on. I have now started to introduce eco-materials and will continue to aim for sourcing more and more of the materials from environmentally friendly sellers and increasingly focus on following a sustainable business model. I will continue to make both comfortable everyday cool clothes and also elegant dresses for special occasions.

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