Ganz Söröző Review

Beer inside. Photo: Ganz Facebook.

Buda has a reputation of being life in the slow lane. There isn’t much going on, even close to the 4/6 line. Every half-decent bar on this side of the river seems to be shuttered & gone by 11pm every night. You want to stay out until midnight, well hard lines. You’ll need to walk, take a taxi or public transport to Pest. Finding a great bar here is even more difficult than hunting down a place that is open into the wee small hours. After moving over to Buda back in January I frequented Jegkert. This is a very good spot (I’d been here before when I was a Pest dweller) but Jegkert in summer is very, very different to Jegkert in winter. Sounds obvious? Yep fair enough but check it out after the season’s change & you will get where I am coming from. Now- I’d almost given up. Could Buda deliver a bar that got the juices flowing? Step forward my pal, Irish Mark. One day on his way home from work he stumbled down a wee side street & discovered a bar that would give most of the best spots in Pest a run for their £. That bar is of course, Ganz Söröző. Located close to Kiraly Baths, Ganz is a craft brew gem. With 8 beers on tap (mainly Hungarian), countless bottles & a cracking whiskey shelf, Ganz really has no right being on the sleepy part of the city. I loved the place immediately. Mark & I grabbed a Hübris stüt, an Irish dry black as coal stout. We finished the night with a Connemara. One thing to know about Ganz – it is tiny. One of the smallest bars I’ve ever seen. You would be lucky to get 10 people in there & even then it would be a tight fit. They do have a beautiful terrace that I imagine will be open soon. It is a great place to go for a chat & a brew. I’ve not been there enough to call it my new local but I’ll rectify that soon.

Ganz Söröző is located here: Ganz u. 6, 1027 Hungary.

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