Best Hidden Gems on Netflix Right Now

Into the woods. Photo: Netflix.

Since we are still on lockdown how about some hidden gems from Netflix to keep us going? From a wilderness horror to one of the most underappreciated thrillers of all time & more, check out our list of great underrated movies that you can watch on Netflix Hungary right now.

Always by my Maybe (2019)

The Streets of San Francisco. Photo: Netflix.

I am not a huge fan of Ali Wong’s stand up, sure she may churn out the odd great joke but a consistently outstanding set seems to be beyond her. So, when my fiance suggested we stick on Wong’s new rom-com, forgive me if I resisted for a couple of movie nights. I am pleased that I finally relented & how wrong was I to ignore this little treat in the first place? Wong, plays Sasha, a celebrity chef who was always destined to be with Marcus (Randall Park), or was she? Wong & Park put in two excellent performances. Keanu Reeves cameo is laugh out loud hilarious. An easy-going comedy to see you through a long day.

The trailer is here

1922 (2017)

If you build it, he will come. Photo: Netflix

Before we get started on this one, an interesting bit of trivia to kick things off. Thomas Jane inexplicably once turned down the role of Don Draper in Mad Men. Anyway, I digress. We are here to talk about, 1922 a tense horror movie based on a Stephen King novella. Wilfred James (Jane) is a stubborn farmer, who does not want to leave behind his land. His wife Arlette (Molly Parker), wants to sell up & move on. Wilfred can’t let that happen, so with the help of his son, Henry (Dylan Schmid) he decides to do away with Arlette. Things go south. A gripping little fright fest.

Click on this for the trailer

Win it All (2017)

All in. Photo: Netflix.

Although the premise is slightly absurd (a local tough guy leaves his stash money with a degenerate gambler), Win it All is still bloody great fun. Said degenerate is Eddie Garret (Jake Johnson). Garret is given a bag full of cash & a chance at a new beginning when he meets Eva (Aislinn González Michel). This comedy flies by. Give it a shot.

The win it all trailer is here

Bad Day for the cut (2017)

“Revenge is good for your health, but pain will find you again.” Photo: NI Film.

Reminiscent of other underrated thrillers such as Blue Ruin & Shotgun Stories (sadly neither of which are on Netflix), Bad Day is a taut little tale that is riveting from beginning to end. This particular tale centers on an Irish farmer, Donal ( Nigel O’Neill) who seeks vengeance after an apparent robbery gone wrong. Laced with cracking black humor & an incredible script it is a film we should all watch. The only downside for me is the body count is a little too high but that is just nitpicking. Ultraviolent, funny & unmissable.

Click on this for the trailer

Dolemite is my Name (2019)

Big Pimping. Photo: Netflix.

Ok, perhaps a movie starring one of the World’s biggest actors can hardly be described as a hidden gem – I will include this anyway as barely anyone I know has ever seen Dolemite is My Name. The story follows Rudy Ray Moore (Murphy) who is a struggling comedian in 1970s L.A. Moore finally gets his big break & goes on to inspire & empower his community. Murphy deserved more recognition for his star turn here.

The movie is better than the trailer, trust me.

The Ritual (2017)

The woodshed. Photo: Netflix.

Do not expect to see anything new in The Ritual. It won’t be winning any awards for originality. Four men head into the woods (never a good idea) & they are met with unspeakable terror. Forget about that. The Ritual is a good old fashioned psychological horror movie that is more invested in the characters rather than what awaits them out in the forest. You might have seen it all before but this film serves up a nerve-wracking 95 minutes or so. Switch off the lights & stick it on.

Check out the trailer

Sulla Mia Pelle (2018)

No justice, no peace. Photo: Netflix.

Sulla Mia Pelle or On my Skin is a true-life tale & by God it is a very tough watch. A young man, Stefano Cucchi (Alessandro Borghi) is brought to the police station for a minor crime & one week later he ends up dead. At times harrowing & infuriating, On my Skin is a great movie that went under the radar.

A very brief trailer is here

Sweet Virginia (2017)

Truckers Atlas. Photo: IFC Film.

There are certain films that you just know are going to be something special from the opening scene & Sweet Virginia is one of those films. A man walks into a bar after closing time & demands to have the early bird special & a glass of water. That man is Elwood, one of the best characters I’ve seen on screen in years. Christopher Jacob Abbott is brilliant as Elwood, vulnerable & terrifying. Jon Bernthal is also excellent as a motel clerk who befriends, Elwood. I have deliberately tried to avoid revealing much about this film, as it is something you just have to see. I watched it without knowing anything about the plot and I was blown away.

The trailer is on the link, behind you

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