About Us

Budapest Pulse started out as a half-serious conversation over some IPAs between Joe Innes and Joe McCann in Élesztő towards the end of summer 2017. We are the two Joes. We are like the two Coreys, but without the heroin addiction and the shitty movies. Postcards in the mail for those who get the reference.

Pulse, like most great ideas, came in somewhere between the second and third pint. We went from joking about starting our own magazine to buying the domain on the spot before we bought our fourth.

We put together a crack team of writers, and now, here we stand. We are proud to present to you, our soon-to-be loyal readers, Budapest Pulse. Our purpose is to deliver quality unbiased reviews of all things Budapest. Be that movies, bars or whatever you can think of.

There will be no sponsored pieces. Every article you see in Pulse will be by a writer who tells it as they see it (until we need to put another 50p in the meter, in which case, we reserve the right to sell out).

No other online reviews magazine is doing what we do in BP. None worth reading anyway. They might pretend they are but they really ain’t. We’d like to bring a bolt of energy and verve to the scene. We’d like you to be able to trust every good review we give you is not paid for. We wish someone had started a similar magazine sooner so we didn’t have to.