21.2 C
Budapest, Hungary
Thursday, April 25, 2019

Food & Drink

A run down of the best places to eat and drink in Budapest.

Műterem Kávézó Review

I am probably the wrong guy to talk to you about coffee. You see, I rarely go near...

Tipple of the week: Reketye Brewing co. Heavy Daddy (7%)

For this week’s tipple there was only ever going to be one winner. Seeing as it’s the 15th of March...

Kandalló Kézműves Pub Review

Back in the exhilarating Summer of 2015, I every spare moment in Kandallo Kert. The temperature was in the 40’s & the beer...

Tipple of The Week: Tempest The Alligator Man (9.2%)

It’s that time of week again. I am sure you’ve all been eagerly awaiting this - well probably not.

Tipple of the week: Gravity Brewing Meteor (8%)

This weeks tipple is going to be pretty short. The Pulse computer ain’t working. So, I’m writing this...

Belvárosi Legenda Review

Years ago, back home (well not back home exactly) there was a wee beer truck that sat in the heart of Gozsdu-udvar. Next...

Tipple of the week: VaskakasSörfozde Porter (5.5%)

Being an English teacher in self-exile in the sixth biggest city in Hungary, the local craft pub has become a much-frequented paradise.

Tipple of the week: Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon (43.2%)

After bringing you craft brews over the last few weeks we decide it was time to switch things up.

Lumen Café Review

Wandering through the streets of Budapest can bring with it some unexpected surprises. On a particularly chilly week day...

Brewski Do I have a contact in Moscow? (8.5%)

I am not going to try & pull the wool over your eyes. I knew nothing at all about...