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Budapest, Hungary
Monday, May 20, 2019

Food & Drink

A run down of the best places to eat and drink in Budapest.

Hintaló Iszoda Review

Forgive me. I am writing this review with a concussion. After a nasty bike accident last week I am pretty banged up.

Tipple of the week: Prometheus IPA – Gravity Brewing

After a wee break, we are back with an out of this world brew. Prometheus IPA by Gravity Brewing is this weeks...
beanbags and windowsill

Molnárka—a Hidden Treasure in the City Centre

In Molnár utca—a street lost in the shadow of Váci utca—lives a café called 'Molnárka'. Guess where the name comes from... It's a little hard...

Tipple of the week: Mango Bay

The spring is back. We are all outdoors again & lapping up the soft, hazy days that make this city so, so special. As always for...
Yeast Side Inside

Tipple of the week: Yeast Side Inside

Yeast Side Brewery as it is today was born last year, but they're no strangers to the business: they've been around Jászapáti since 1993...

Tipple of the week: Hopfanatic Napolaj APA

Napolaj APA - your cold, bitter sunscreen If you google Napolaj beer , you will not find a prettier picture then this one below. (and...
Café Frei's menu

Café Frei

This is a lovely coffee chain that you have to try. There are a couple of shops in Budapest and across the country too....

Tipple of the week: Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon (43.2%)

After bringing you craft brews over the last few weeks we decide it was time to switch things up.
A can of Dreher Pale Ale on a black background

Tipple of the week: Dreher Pale Ale

I came across a surprise in the supermarket the other day. In a tin that looks suspiciously like it ought to be home to...

Tipple of the week: Even more Jesus

Fact. Even More Jesus is the best beer ever created. At least for this writer. Brewed by Brooklyn based genius, Jarnit-Bjergsø under the Evil Twin...