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Budapest, Hungary
Saturday, December 15, 2018

Food & Drink

A run down of the best places to eat and drink in Budapest.

Biang Bisztró Review

If you happened to pass the Oktogon area in recent weeks you would be hard pressed not to spy Biang Bisztró . 
View into Madal Café from the front door, with the counter on the left

Madal Café

Right in the heart of Budapest's lively 5th district, a short walk away from Váci utca, lives a small coffee shop. As the hipsters tap...

Tipple of the week: Monyo Schatzi

Monyo’s Schatzi is a no nonsense Bavarian wheat beer. Inside and out, up and down, it is simply a...
Freaky Freaky

Tipple of the Week: Freaky Freaky

From Mad Scientist Brewery. These guys are the creators of some of the cities finest beers. At last count, they have ten brews to...

Under The Bridge: Valyo Kikötő Review

Like the genocidal maniac Christopher Columbus ''discovered'' America by accident, this writer hadn’t exactly planned to hit up Valyo Kikötő. After devouring an overpriced Langos...

Tipple of the week: Even more Jesus

Fact. Even More Jesus is the best beer ever created. At least for this writer. Brewed by Brooklyn based genius, Jarnit-Bjergsø under the Evil Twin...

Tipple of the week: BrewDog Jet Black Heart (4.7%)

You might have caught our Brewdog Budapest review yesterday (if you missed out then find it here) & we felt it would...

Tipple of the week: ToØl Triple Hazy Citra IPA

Hale Citra lover's! As summer seems now long gone allow me to try extending it with a hopped up brew. When it...

Tipple of the week: Černá Hora Forman Světlý

A quick tipple for you lovely people. This time we give you a near beer.
Primátor IPA

Primátor IPA

Primátor claim that 'the six varieties of hops used in this beer, in the brew house, and afterwards in the cold hop...