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Budapest, Hungary
Sunday, January 26, 2020


In a city renowned for its nightlife, Budapest Pulse will help you cut through the crap and get to the real gems and the diamonds in the rough.

Bar Pharma Review

Pharma - a hole in the wall bar like no other. This little beauty can be found on of all...

PIVO söröző és sörbolt Review

It’s been a while since we dropped a bar review. This one’s a real gem as well (the bar not the review).

Grand Guri Serház Review

Located in a quiet spot on the other side of the Korut, Grand Guri Serház is a fun little craft brewpub that...

Bölcső Bar & Food Review

This review should’ve been typed up & posted a long time ago. I had a quick chat with the Bölcső owner...

Hintaló Iszoda Review

Forgive me. I am writing this review with a concussion. After a nasty bike accident last week I am pretty banged up.

House Bar & Kitchen Review

Before we get started - you should know something. One of House Bar’s owners, Gabriel is a good...

Kandalló Kézműves Pub Review

Back in the exhilarating Summer of 2015, I every spare moment in Kandallo Kert. The temperature was in the 40’s & the beer...

Belvárosi Legenda Review

Years ago, back home (well not back home exactly) there was a wee beer truck that sat in the heart of Gozsdu-udvar. Next...

6:3 Borozó Review

November 25th. 1953. London, Wembley.  Hungary led by Hidegkuti & Puskas are about to skelp England rotten & forever change the face of modern football.

Mélypont Presszó Review

Probably our favourite new bar at Pulse, Mélypont Presszó is a great wee spot. You won’t find any tourists, stags or many...