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Budapest, Hungary
Tuesday, August 16, 2022


In a city renowned for its nightlife, Budapest Pulse will help you cut through the crap and get to the real gems and the diamonds in the rough.

Gólya Presszó Review

When I first moved to Hungary eleven years ago, bars like Golya (the stork) were the rule & not the exception. These days things are very different. The secret is now out regarding Budapest & as more expats, tourists & students come into this wonderful city these traditional spots are becoming increasingly rare. Now I […]


A perfect, immaculate shaved chunk of ice floats in my glass. Let me tell you how we got here. It...

House Bar & Kitchen Review

Before we get started - you should know something. One of House Bar’s owners, Gabriel is a good...

6:3 Borozó Review

November 25th. 1953. London, Wembley.  Hungary led by Hidegkuti & Puskas are about to skelp England rotten & forever change the face of modern football.

Kék Ló Review

Kék Ló (the blue horse) is probably about the coolest bar you’ll see in the city.   Situated in the Budapest ghetto...

Hintaló Iszoda Review

Forgive me. I am writing this review with a concussion. After a nasty bike accident last week I am pretty banged up.

Doblo – Bar Review

Ah, Doblo. The wine bar for those of us who don’t actually like wine. If you are like me and consider wine joints to be the...

Polyhistor Pub Review

Fast becoming the craft beer purist’s paradise, Polyhistor is something of a hidden secret in our fair city. To get here, you’ll need to wander...

Bölcső Bar & Food Review

This review should’ve been typed up & posted a long time ago. I had a quick chat with the Bölcső owner...

Kandalló Kézműves Pub Review

Back in the exhilarating Summer of 2015, I every spare moment in Kandallo Kert. The temperature was in the 40’s & the beer...