3.3 C
Budapest, Hungary
Friday, February 7, 2020

Cafés & Coffee Shops

Cafés and coffeeshops around the city.

Műterem Kávézó Review

I am probably the wrong guy to talk to you about coffee. You see, I rarely go near...
beanbags and windowsill

Molnárka—a Hidden Treasure in the City Centre

In Molnár utca—a street lost in the shadow of Váci utca—lives a café called 'Molnárka'. Guess where the name comes from... It's a little hard...
Altair's tea selection

Altair Teaház

Altair is one of a mini-chain of two tea houses within walking distance of each other near to Astoria. Considering it's named after the...
Café Frei's menu

Café Frei

This is a lovely coffee chain that you have to try. There are a couple of shops in Budapest and across the country too....

Lumen Café Review

Wandering through the streets of Budapest can bring with it some unexpected surprises. On a particularly chilly week day...

Tényleg Espresso Bar

For advanced Hungarian learners and humor-minded people I would quote Kev Hart right here: REALLY? Ok so just because the name says “Really Espresso Bar”...