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Budapest, Hungary
Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Cafés & Coffee Shops

Cafés and coffeeshops around the city.


Fekete is found directly across the road from ELTE University and whilst I strive (and often fail) to slowly sip a freshly roasted cappuccino...

Mon Café

So...I went to check out the newly opened café in our neighbourhood. I was looking forward to it being open as I saw the...
View into Madal Café from the front door, with the counter on the left

Madal Café

Right in the heart of Budapest's lively 5th district, a short walk away from Váci utca, lives a small coffee shop. As the hipsters tap...

Tényleg Espresso Bar

For advanced Hungarian learners and humor-minded people I would quote Kev Hart right here: REALLY? Ok so just because the name says “Really Espresso Bar”...