13.3 C
Budapest, Hungary
Monday, May 20, 2019

Food & Drink

A run down of the best places to eat and drink in Budapest.

Lumen Café Review

Wandering through the streets of Budapest can bring with it some unexpected surprises. On a particularly chilly week day...

Brewski Do I have a contact in Moscow? (8.5%)

I am not going to try & pull the wool over your eyes. I knew nothing at all about...

6:3 Borozó Review

November 25th. 1953. London, Wembley.  Hungary led by Hidegkuti & Puskas are about to skelp England rotten & forever change the face of modern football.

Tipple of the week: Mad Scientist Cookie Monster (10.5%)

And. We. Are. Back. So sorry to keep you all waiting on this. We...

Mélypont Presszó Review

Probably our favourite new bar at Pulse, Mélypont Presszó is a great wee spot. You won’t find any tourists, stags or many...
A glass of forralt bor, courtesy of wuestenigel

Tipple of the Week: Forralt Bor

One of the first things we expats discover in Hungary is the alcohol. It's not by chance we have a weekly tipple...
Chairs and tables lined up in front of the main breakfast bar at Á La Maison Grand

Á La Maison Grand

Á La Maison Grand has the dubious accolade of being the only place I know in Budapest that makes me want to...

Tipple of the week: Černá Hora Forman Světlý

A quick tipple for you lovely people. This time we give you a near beer.

Tipple of the week: Belhaven Twisted Thistle (5.6%)

In honor of St. Andrews Day, we at Pulse are celebrating by bringing you a  heavyweight Scottish tipple.

Tipple of the week: BrewDog Jet Black Heart (4.7%)

You might have caught our Brewdog Budapest review yesterday (if you missed out then find it here) & we felt it would...