9.4 C
Budapest, Hungary
Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Tipple of the week: Gravity Brewing Meteor (8%)

This weeks tipple is going to be pretty short. The Pulse computer ain’t working. So, I’m writing this...

Tipple of the week: VaskakasSörfozde Porter (5.5%)

Being an English teacher in self-exile in the sixth biggest city in Hungary, the local craft pub has become a much-frequented paradise.

Tipple of the week: Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon (43.2%)

After bringing you craft brews over the last few weeks we decide it was time to switch things up.

Brewski Do I have a contact in Moscow? (8.5%)

I am not going to try & pull the wool over your eyes. I knew nothing at all about...

Tipple of the week: Mad Scientist Cookie Monster (10.5%)

And. We. Are. Back. So sorry to keep you all waiting on this. We...
A glass of forralt bor, courtesy of wuestenigel

Tipple of the Week: Forralt Bor

One of the first things we expats discover in Hungary is the alcohol. It's not by chance we have a weekly tipple...

Tipple of the week: Černá Hora Forman Světlý

A quick tipple for you lovely people. This time we give you a near beer.

Tipple of the week: Belhaven Twisted Thistle (5.6%)

In honor of St. Andrews Day, we at Pulse are celebrating by bringing you a  heavyweight Scottish tipple.

Tipple of the week: BrewDog Jet Black Heart (4.7%)

You might have caught our Brewdog Budapest review yesterday (if you missed out then find it here) & we felt it would...

Tipple of the week: Prometheus IPA – Gravity Brewing

After a wee break, we are back with an out of this world brew. Prometheus IPA by Gravity Brewing is this weeks...