Hospitality Policy

We’re claiming to be ‘the best of Budapest without the bias’, so we’re putting our money where our mouth is, and explaining our hospitality policy in full.


We don’t accept gifts. Full stop. No gifts before a review, no gifts during, and no gifts afterwards. We define a gift to be anything worth more than 1000 HUF, unrelated to the content of our review. A few examples of gifts we would reject:

  • “We loved your review! We want to buy you a round of drinks!”—We’re glad you liked our review, but we don’t accept gifts.
  • “We’d really like you to come and review our restaurant, so please take these cinema tickets”—Thanks, we’ll consider reviewing your restaurant, but we can’t accept the cinema tickets.


We don’t accept any kind of payment to change or influence the content of our reviews. The review is the honest and frank opinion of the author, and any attempt to influence the outcome will be rejected. A few examples:

  • “We’ll give you a free dessert if you promise to write a good review”—Sorry, we can’t promise to write a good review, we’ll give our honest opinion.
  • “If your review is good, we’ll give you a VIP pass next time!”—We can’t accept the VIP pass because we’ll write what we write anyway. We don’t want any confusion about the review being influenced by your generosity.


We do accept samples. We class a “sample” as a core product or service that will form the basis of the review. We never accept a sample if it will create an expectation that the review is in any way influenced by the sample itself. Here are some examples of samples we would accept:

  • Concert tickets to review a specific band—this is acceptable because the sample is directly linked to the review, and there is no expectation that the review will be influenced.
  • A specific dish or meal in a restaurant—provided the review is of the dish or meal provided, this is acceptable. However, there is a risk for confusion, so we would not accept this sample without expressly communicating in advance that the review will be our honest opinion.
  • A beer—provided the beer is the subject of the review. Again, we would clarify that the outcome of the review will not be influenced. We would also consider carefully whether this becomes a gift. One beer (or one round) is a sample, free drinks all night is a gift.