Korona Kupons

Help a small business or entrepreneur now: buy a coupon for a service in the future.

What’s all this about?

Over the coming days, weeks, and months, sole traders and companies across Budapest are going to struggle. This is particularly true for those with face-to-face occupations like hairdressers, beauticians, manicurists, and so on.

What can I do about it?

We at Budapest Pulse believe that these businesses are inherently sustainable, but will struggle to make ends meet over the lean months that are coming. To support these businesses, we’re proposing the Korona Kupon. The idea is that you pay up-front for the service. You can either gift this to someone else, or you can take advantage of the coupon yourself once you’re more comfortable with face-to-face contact.

What guarantees do I have?

None. But in exchange for that, we’re asking all those that we work with to guarantee the validity of the coupons until December 2021. We’re also asking the companies we work with to consider offering high levels of service for a more attractive price than they might otherwise, in order to make sure that this falls in the right ‘risk-to-reward’ ratio for you.

What does Budapest Pulse get out of this?

Nothing. We’re linking end customers directly with businesses. We’re not asking for a cut, we’re not charging for listing, we’re just trying to give people a fighting chance to get through the tough times ahead. We’re doing this because we think it’s right, not because we’ve seen a business opportunity.

I’m a service provider and I want to sell my services with your help!

Great! Check out our sample profile at https://budapestpulse.com/provider/budapest-pulse/, and then drop an email to [email protected]. We’ll reach out to you ASAP to discuss next steps. We’d suggest you share the following:

  1. Your website (if you have one!)
  2. Your services
  3. Some photos of you, or the services you offer
  4. Some suggested coupon values and what you’re offering at those price points
    1. We would recommend you plan at least four offerings:
      • 2 500 HUF
      • 5 000 HUF
      • 10 000 HUF
      • 20 000 HUF
    2. These offerings should cover the whole cost of a ‘thing’. (e.g.: 2 500 HUF for a face massage, 5 000 HUF for a manicure, etc., rather a discount from an item) to encourage ‘gifting’
  5. Whether you currently have facilities to accept online payments or not – if not, we will help out with setting these up
  6. What languages you speak (the Budapest Pulse team primarily speak English, but we can work with you in Hungarian – but our readers might find it attractive if you can speak more languages)

We’ll work with you to find a good way of marketing your services, feature and publicise your work.